Who We Are

Our holiday rental is completely family owned and operated. We are here for anything that you need in order for your holiday to reach it's maximum potential. From assistance with booking your trip to clean-up after you leave and everything in between.

About the Owners

Ty and Anne purchased the block of land The Shak currently sits on in 2011, as they loved Kalbarri and knew they wanted to spend a lot of time here. Between 2012-2017, they worked on building the residence as owner builders and the majority of the work was undertaken by Ty.

He would often travel from Perth after work on a Friday to work on the house over the weekend, and then return to Perth to work during the week. It certainly was a labor of love.

The couple has six children and spend several months of the year in Kalbarri since, it is such a fantastic environment for their children.  The house has everything a family or several families need for the perfect getaway.

What Our House Has To Offer

Our holiday home in Kalbarri has everything you would ever want in a holiday rental.
Take a closer look at the rental we have available.